Wietske Otter

My name is Wietske Otter, born in 1957 in Rotterdam and live since 1981 in Houten, The Netherlands. Since I was a young child I took pictures with the camera of my father. Later I bought my own camera and photography was my passion. About ten years ago I read an article about free abstract painting written by visual artist Rolina van Vliet, and I was interested. But it took quite a few years since I read one of her books and I was so excited that I wanted to learn to paint abstract paintings. On the internet I found out that she gave lessons in free abstract painting in Hoevelaken. Four years ago I took my first lesson and now I have my own studio in my house, where I can paint and I still take lessons from Rolina.

If you are interested in my paintings please visit my website. The paintings are for sale. The prices are without handling and shipping. My paintings are unntitled because in this way everyone can see in the painting whatever he or she likes.

Please enjoy your visit on my website. You are very welcome! You can contact me with the contactform or you can send me an email to wietske.otter@planet.nl